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The Newborough Teacher Training Institute only admits students with the ability to benefit from this course, as assessed through the admissions interview with the director.A minimum of Grade 12 or an O.A.C. credit in Mathematics and English (or the equivalent) is needed for acceptance to this course in Canada.

Entrance Requirements

Leading to a Diploma in the Early Childhood Montessori Education (children ages 2 ½ through 6 years). At this time there are no University credits awarded for this program Students must meet at least one of the following criteria to be admitted:

1. An Ontario Secondary Diploma or the equivalent obtained outside of Canada, and Ontario. This includes approved credits in Mathematics and English

2.Mature students must show related experience working with young children, ages 2 ½ through 6 years, or Early Childhood Education certification from a registered college or registered vocational college in Canada. They may also have a Canadian University Degree or a university degree equivalent from outside of Canada.

Related Experience

1. having worked as an assistant in a registered daycare or childcare facility for, at least one year;

2. having worked as an assistant in a registered Montessori Casa classroom for, at least one year;

3. having worked in an instructional position in a traditional classroom for, at least one year;

Students must also have an interview with a director.

Students with a diploma in Early Childhood Education or Registered Nursing may receive credit for some course work, according to the transcripts provided.



NTTI Financial Services Department assists students to develop financing arrangements, discuss budgeting, and explore financial assistance for post-secondary education, the financial aid officer will help to find out which options below are available to our students

The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is an application-based government aid program for Ontario resident students. Based on the government's assessment of your educational costs and expected financial resources, OSAP offers a mixture of repayable loans and grants

Second Career is for laid-off unemployed workers for which skills training is the most appropriate intervention to transition them into high-skill, demand occupations in the local labour market. Recently laid-off unemployed workers can be active EI claimants, EI Reachback or non-EI eligible

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant provides direct financial support to individual employers or employer consortia who wish to purchase training for their employees. It is available to small, medium and large businesses with a plan to deliver short-term training to existing and new employees


Please contact Newborough Teacher Training Institute for details.


An absence of more than three lectures may result in the student having to make-up the missed lectures and writing the examination the following year.

Start Date

Please contact the Newborough Teacher Training Institute for start dates.


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