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Newborough School Reunion Day

Newborough Teacher Training Institute hosted the Reunion Day in January 2023, undoubtedly creating an event filled with emotions and resonance. The gathering of all faculty members and past MACTE Program graduates made this day uniquely significant.

During the exchange sessions, everyone enthusiastically shared their growth and insights in the Montessori education industry. Reflecting on the times spent in classrooms, individuals couldn't help but recall the initial excitement and uncertainty upon entering the field of education. However, with years of teaching experience, everyone gained deeper insights into their work. Sharing amusing anecdotes and experiences from the Montessori industry not only elicited laughter but also strengthened the bond among participants.

A particularly touching moment occurred when graduates from 30 years ago returned to the campus, reuniting with current teachers and students. This extraordinary reunion evoked many fond memories and led to heartfelt reflections on the blend of the past and present, bearing witness to the development and legacy of Newborough Teacher Training Institute.

In the concluding remarks, the founding dean of the institute, Sybil Taylor, delivered a summary and retrospective, marking the climax of the entire Reunion Day. Through her heartfelt reflections, she expressed gratitude to every staff member and student who contributed to the institute's development. Simultaneously, she expressed confidence in the future, conveying the hope that the new generation of educators would uphold the principles of Montessori education, continuously innovate, and contribute to the field of education.

This Reunion Day was not only a joyous gathering but also a profound reflection on the past, present, and future. Teachers and students collectively witnessed the evolution of education, shared the joys of growth, and collaborated to contribute to the prosperity of Montessori education. This event will undoubtedly become a luminous chapter in the history of the institute.

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